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100% of your donation through ACF will go directly to the charities, as no fees will be taken from your contribution.

Who We Are

The Antal Charitable Foundation was created in July 2008 and mostly focuses on helping children’s charities and the efforts and events that revolve around the support of kids who through no fault of their own find themselves in very difficult situations. 

This extends to all areas of the globe and all kinds of situations be it physical disadvantage; parenting issues; natural disasters; political mismanagement – basically anything where children are victims of circumstance or nature.

We are particularly interested in the rehabilitation of children who might otherwise be described as problem kids or in old fashioned terms classed as delinquent. We are intrigued by the connection and impact of nature, and nurture in the way that these factors affect the development and choices that children end up making in their lives.

More recently we have been looking into what causes children to make those particular choices, why they behave in a certain way and then what changes their outlook to make them choose a better life.

Anthony Goodwin

Group CEO & Chairman

There are countless other examples of contributions across the Antal network, including Antal Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan supporting projects for charities such as Anton tut ryadom (helping those with autism adapt to society), Starost’ v radost (helping to improve the quality of life for the elderly) and helping to hold a “Gans & Tanz” annual charity dinner in aid of various charitable projects for Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt.

What We Do


— Raising Funds

Help find charities that align with our core values and help these charities raise funds and meet goals.


— Awareness

Raising awareness the each individual charities cause, money is an important factor, but making people aware is even more important!


— Promoting Values

Values are an important thing to have in life, sharing and promoting these values help us build partnerships and grow as a foundation.


Worldwide Charities

Run for Cancer Research

This Sunday 25th of February 2024, Antal’s founder, Anthony Goodwin, will be running in the Winter Run for Cancer Research in central London.  He’s aming

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Worldwide Charities

Marathon in Chennai

  Chennai, 6 January, pre-dawn – Antal International founder and CEO Anthony Goodwin immersed himself in a marathon alongside the Chennai team.  More than 10

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Worldwide Charities

We did it!

Good news from Regenerate: We thought we were being ambitious with our Christmas fundraising campaign but thanks to all the generous support, we smashed the

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Charity Partners